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Perfection and Gratitude

Good Morning - ok two subjects - the first,  which is bugging me right know - let go of perfection - I didn't catch a typo on the title of the blog the other day and it is driving me crazy that I cannot correct it or haven't figured out how.  It brings me back to jr. high when my guidance counselor said "Carol you are your oght worst enemy" - why the heck do we do this to ourselves.  One would think at my age that I would be able to let go of that stuff - no - hmm guess that is one of my life lessons to work on - always.


Sitting quietly with my coffee this am I asked the angels what they wanted me to talk about and I got gratitude - for the small stuff.  This is such a busy world that unfortunately we often do not take time to appreciate the sounds of the birds in the morning - and beautiful sunrise - the way light reflects off a beautiful flower.  I encourage you to take time to smell the roses as the saying goes!!!


Enjoy this beautiful day that has been given to us!!!




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