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Message from husband in heaven

Good Morning All - this was an e-mail I received from a client after her reading - thought it would be fun to share:


"Carol told me in my first session that my late husband, John wanted me to go on a trip and on that trip he was going to let me know that he was there in the form of running water.   A week later, I went to Atlanta for 2 nights, that night after brushing my teeth in the hotel bathroom I went to bed and I heard the faucet dripping-loudly as it was the only sound in the room.  I got up shut it off as hard as I could and it still had a slow steady I shut the door and went back to bed.  Drip, drip, drip--got up again and put towels around the sink to soften the sound...but it dripped for the whole 52 hours that I was there.  It turned out to be a comfort  instead of an annoyance so I didn't call housekeeping, I just went with the flow---thank you Carol for making me aware of this small but meaningful presence."



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