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Fear of....

Hi Everyone - ok just did a blog and it went out to space - don't you just hate when that happens- so here goes trying to duplicate my initial thoughts...


Two situation came up in conversations with people this am about fear.   The first with a friend so frustrated with herself - getting a symptom in her body and immediately thinking the worst instead of flip switching it and going to the positive place of believing it is nothing....    Does this sound familiar to any of you???   Why do we go to that place of fear - could it be that it's familiar so even if it's bad we subconsciously go there because it's what we know????  Try envisioning taking that fear of yours opening the window and throwing it away and replacing it with sunshine coming thru the window with nothing but good, positive feelings...


The other situation was about fear of change - and boy can I relate to this one.  Someone I spoke to moved out of state for 10 yrs. really hasn't connected with anyone there and is thinking about coming back to Ct.   She grew up here still stays connected to friends here and it is what she loves.   Of course the fear - can I get a job, can I afford a place to live - can I can I can I.....  My thought was if it feels right go for it girl!!!   If it is not meant to be your path get blocked.....


Well I have lots happening this weekend so If I don't get a chance to blog - Enjoy your weekend!!!!




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