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Happy New Year


Ask & Yoiu Shall Receive
Happy New Year!!!
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Upcoming Angel Circles for Fall 2014
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Hi Everyone - Wow here in Ct. is is such a beautiful day - there is no way one cannot find enjoy in  this day!!!!   So I ask you to do the same where ever you are.....  Joy,  please try and find it in your life - even if it is a tiny bit of - find an ounce of it and watch it grow.....
Blessings for the day,

Fear of....

Hi Everyone - ok just did a blog and it went out to space - don't you just hate when that happens- so here goes trying to duplicate my initial thoughts...
Two situation came up in conversations with people this am about fear.   The first with a friend so frustrated with herself - getting a symptom in her body and immediately thinking the worst instead of flip switching it and going to the positive place of believing it is nothing....    Does this sound familiar to any of you?

Perfection and Gratitude

Good Morning - ok two subjects - the first,  which is bugging me right know - let go of perfection - I didn't catch a typo on the title of the blog the other day and it is driving me crazy that I cannot correct it or haven't figured out how.  It brings me back to jr. high when my guidance counselor said "Carol you are your oght worst enemy" - why the heck do we do this to ourselves.  One would think at my age that I would be able to let go of that stuff - no - hmm guess that is one of my life lessons to work on - always.

Monday's Thought.....

Ok - I am being directed in two directions today - the first was a message about service - we are all put on this earth to help each other.  So, if one of your friend's names keeps entering your thoughts that is a message from the angels to call them.   You may be so surprised at the outcome!!!
The other thought I had was to get a message from oracle cards by Doreen Virtue - I just love her stuff - all about the angels....   The most recent deck I purchased is called Daily Guidance from Your Angels.

What The Angels Want Us To Know!!!

Hi Everyone - happy Sunday!!!   Here in Connecticut it is a very rainy,  lazy day. Instead of fighting it - I'm gonna go with the flow stay in my p.j. and just veg - I encourage all of you to do the same - as my dad use to say - Sunday is a day of rest....
The message the angels gave me this morning was to tell everyone it is all about LOVE!!!   Especially love of one's self...   Last night had a conversation with a old friend - of 40 years - wow - and we were talking about this exact thing.
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