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Carol Joyce has an amazing gift from God!  She speaks to your angels, and loved ones from the other side - the information that comes can be mind blowing!!!   I remember getting a warning to have my mechanic check the front tires, lug nuts - so I checked all of our cars - nothing wrong - 3 months later we purchased a car off of the Internet and something wasn't right with the car it was all over the road.  We the car my mechanic to look it over - he told us we were very lucky we brought the car in when we did the front wheels were loose and ready to come off.  That warning came 3 months before we bought the car.   Carol the warning saved our lives.
Mike G.

Dear Carol - I'm writing this because I need to thank you for your gift.  The message that you channeled for me was that my husband had something going on with his heart.  Well, I took that seriously and the next day contacted a cardiologist office.  He was seen the same week - to make a long story short - he was diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm.  He is on medication now and will be monitored - he will be fine.  Thank you and your angels.

With gratitude & appreciation

I have known Carol Joyce for over three years.  I first went to Carol for personal readings then referred friends and family members to her.
Carol and I work together intuitively.  I have always received timely information from my readings with her.  I recently asked Carol to channel for a healing circle that I facilitate regularly.  She sat on the floor with her pendulum and delivered important messages to us.  The group really enjoyed the experience.
Carol's reading full of insight .  The messages have helped me to connect the dots I couldn't see and have provided much healing in the process.
Gloria A.

As I consider myself someone who is "connected", I am very selective whom I go to for readings.  There are many "proclaimed" psychics and readers, but I can tell instantly who is legit and who is not.  Carol Joyce is, most certainly, legit and each and every reading she has given me has proven to be accurate, loving and precise messages.  I so look forward to Carol's readings and insight, and always walk away feeling loved and content.  I would highly recommend her and know that anyone to receive a reading from Carol would never walk away disappointed!!!
Lauren K.

Carol is one of the most interesting readers I have ever been to.  My late boyfriend came thru and it was so comforting and yet sad to hear what he had to say.  Even though I still miss him, I was reassured that he was in a place helping souls.  The most amazing thing
was that so many things that were told to me were extensions of conversations that we had prior to his death.  Carol was able to communicate to me from the other side in the same verbal style that was used by my boyfriend.  He had a style all his own and nobody could imitate it.  The reading was so on the money, it was awesome!
Suzie G.

"Carol - you are amazing!  I told my sister what you said about her soon to be x - leaving something behind in a black book - well she tore her bookshelves apart but didn't find anything.  Then a few weeks ago she was rummaging around in a cabinet underneath the bookshelves and found a computer hard drive next to a black book.  Over 100k emails, copies of contracts and more.  The federal examiner now has it and it is invaluable to our cause (the divorce)."

One of the most fascinating and surprising readings I have experienced with Carol was the weekend of my civil union.  We had friends come in from out of town to help us celebrate.  I brought them over to meet Carol and have a reading done.  The first thing Carol said to them was "they are telling me that your union is blessed".  I saw an odd look come over their faces but they didn't say anything.  Carol went on to tell more things that they were easily able to verify and validate.
The next day we had a wonderful ceremony and after it was over our friends came back to our house and during the evening we started reflecting on the weekend and they fessed up that they had a civil union performed the day they arrived in town.  They didn't want to say anything for fear of stealing the spotlight.  They said that they were shocked when Carol got her message on their union being blessed and it took everything they had not to spill the beans!
The other thing Carol has told them was that they would be moving North.  They were pretty adamant that if they were to move it would be West.  Within a we got a call from them telling us that they were moving.  And guess what!   It was North.  Only a mile or two but still North!
Lee D.

During my daughter's you told her that she will be going to a wedding and will have a picture taken with her friends.  You said that there will be an orb in the picture over my daughter's right shoulder and it will be her grandma.  this past Sunday my sister Ann eloped and never had a wedding, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, so she planned one herself.  So this anniversary was like a wedding.  In one of there is an orb over my daughter's right shoulder!  We couldn't believe it!!  Some of the non-believers are beginning to believe in what you do.  This is just one of many things that have come true.
Laura B.

Hi Carol - you told me to follow up with you when I met a wonderful man and I did! You said the following:

1. We would meet while walking - our first date
     we met at the beach to walk our dogs
2.  You said he was around 5'9" - yes
3.  Meet in the Spring - well it felt like Spring
4.  In shape - yes       
5.  Active physically - yes
6.  Divorced - yes - x  mentally ill - yes bi-polar
 7.  Two boys 1 younger 1 older - yes 12 &22-yes

I met up with Carol through a mutual friend about 6 years ago. It became quite apparent after 3 or 4 appointments that Carol was the real deal. Four years ago I was taking care of my husband whom was getting ready to enter his next life. This was a painful transition, however, thankfully the angels were able to guide me, tell me when the time was getting near and comfort me during this time in our life. Carol has an amazing gift, "yes it is a gift" to be able to connect with your angels.....(sometimes there are things you do not necessarily want to accept or believe, but they are true).  


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